Why It Pays To Be A Savvy Fashionista

I woke up this morning to check out the latest fashion news and this news put a big ole Cheshire Cat grin on my face. Payless recently ran a brilliant, mind-blowing ad campaign where they created a fake high-end store, named it "Palessi" and featured their shoes but at insane markup prices. Check it out in the video below:


The reason I'm grinning? THIS is the epitome of the mindset of a "savvy" fashionista. Style. Cannot. Be. Bought. Style is a mindset-a mishmash of creativity, personality, expression and sometimes a tad bit of audacity.  What does that have to do with money? I'll wait. Being savvy means knowing how to work with what you have. A lot of my most complimented pieces are vintage. Your style can be enhanced just by how you wear something-not by how much it costs. A savvy fashionista can make a $10 dress look like it came from Neiman Marcus. I'd tell you how but I'd have to charge you LOL. At the same time, you can wear a high-end item that's boring and does absolutely no justice at all. Seriously, this ad should serve as a case-study in psychology research and marketing. It's so funny how the same people who are willing to pay hundreds for a shoe probably wouldn't be caught dead going into Payless. 

Now many will argue about paying more for a certain 'quality' of a shoe or brand but that's another topic. If you're shopping for a certain look, don't overlook checking out a Payless store. As a fashion stylist; when you're up against a deadline and need a certain type of shoe for an event, you have to use ALL available resources. Like Prince said, "You've got the look", which translates to " I'mma need that shoe".

In the end, consider the amount of money you'd save by being a SAVVY, fashion-conscious shopper. If you're still apprehensive, hire a stylist.


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