When Gucci Gets "Geechie"

Unless you've been under a rock or MIA; you've heard about the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Well the fashion 'gawds' have spoken and they're all in a tizzy about heartthrob Idris Elba's fiance Sabrina Dowhre's Gucci ensemble at the Royal Wedding. I truly feel for her. We've all worn an outfit that we regret being seen in and if photographed we wonder "What in the heck was I thinking?!" and vow NEVER to wear that outfit again. We live we learn. However, if you get an invitation to a special event like say-The ROYAL WEDDING, it's best to do research to see what's appropriate and try to dress within those guidelines. There are no do-overs for such an event so you'd want to get it right. 

This is the epitome of the fashion motto "less is more". Let's break it down "Savvy" style:

  • First, let me define "geechie": It's a hip fashion term for gaudy, tacky-stuff everywhere (too much going on).
  • Head to toe designer or logos is deemed tacky and overkill. Literally, doing too much.
  • The cardigan plays down the entire ensemble and is really way too casual for a royal wedding or any wedding unless it's at a park.
  • The dress UNDERNEATH the cardigan would've been fine solo (minus the other matchy-matchy Gucci shoes and purse).
  • The dress underneath in a midi length (just below the knees) dress would've added a bit more sophistication and flattered her shape more.

There were other fashion faux pas noticed at the wedding too but this struck me as a 'teachable moment' for my #TeachMeTuesday post and I could not resist the opportunity to drop some fashion knowledge; especially with this being the season for weddings, graduations and many other special occasions.

Hopefully, you'll take this into account when shopping for your next special event or hire a fashion stylist! ;->



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