Seen On The Scene: The DC Metro Area's (DMV) Top Trends of Winter 2017

Warm and fuzzy, fluffy and fashionable; how luxurious is a fur handbag?! You don't have to break the bank to rock a nice fur bag.  Real and faux fur bags are found in lots of fashion-forward retail stores like TJ Maxx  and Marshalls you just have to scope them out.

Bag Charms
These are like the adult version of Silly Bandz or Furbies. It's just a fun way to add sass and class to your handbag. We've spotted fur bag charms, metal, leather and  other trinkets you can clip on to your handbag to make it pop.

Pom Pom Hats
Talk about going back to childhood! Pom Pom hats aren't just for kids anymore. These cute hats transform you into fashionable 'snow bunnies'. These hats can definitely be found in most trendy stores but if you're crafty you can buy a pom pom and sew it on yourself!
Waterproof Boots
What way to make a splash this Fall or Winter than waterproof boots?! Waterproof boots have come a long way from the plain rubber boots we had growing up. Stylish, yet rugged enough for rough winter weather; they're so many variations to choose from.
Fur Stoles
Fur stoles are such a dramatic way to take your outfit next level. Various colors have been seen around town and on the shoulders of some of the most stylish fashionistas in the DMV.

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