RePurpose Your Jewelry!

Suddenly there's hope for that cache of single earrings you can't bear to throw away because you just know you'll find it's match one day. The same holds true for all those sparkly vintage brooches you hardly wear . 
Repurposing any treasured item will make you remember why you loved it in the first place. So here's how to recast your trinkets into a whole new level of fabulousness:
There have been many times I've had to think fast and repurpose jewelry to enhance outfits for photo shoots. Here's an example of one of my designs in the picture below. I used dangling earrings to add pizzazz to plain black boy shorts.

There are so many ways to remix, upcycle and restyle your old jewelry that you'll think twice before throwing it out. I hope this post inspires you to get 'savvy' and try out some of these ideas.
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