Operation Closet Cleanout: What To Floss & What To Toss

Name one person who has ever regretted cleaning out their closet. I'll wait..... I get it. Spring cleaning is a pain but necessary-so stop whining and make a plan. The key to a productive closet clean out is preparation. You will need to set up 3 boxes. Mark them "Donations", "Trash" and "New Home/Gift". Also gather plenty of good quality hangers.

Let's get to work!

1. Take Inventory. Don't dare buy another thing until you know what you already have! Try to avoid buying the same thing and having to do this every year. Ever wonder why you have 8 black t-shirts?! Be sure to put away laundry as well. This lets you know what you wear on the regular and adds to your inventory. Knowing what you already have saves time and money.

2. Staples Stay. Keep the basic and everyday pieces. Trendy pieces can be incorporated with these items throughout the season. For instance, keep all denim, collared button-downs, plain t-shirts and leggings on hand because these rarely go out of style. Also, keep items great for layering like thin turtlenecks and long sleeve tops that can be worn under jackets and sundresses. Layering adds style to any outfit.

Shoes are like clothing. Some styles are timeless and may come back in style. For instance, you may want to keep your black pumps but toss the patent leather peep-toes with the chunky heel. Shoes can make or break an outfit so if your favs need repairs, take them to a cobbler and hold on to them.


3. Break up with clothes that don't fit once and for all. If it doesn't fit and you don't foresee weight loss in your near future-TOSS IT! Be prepared to try on clothes to see how they fit. This reality check will surely inspire you to get rid of clothes that are just taking up space.

 4. Coordinate for sanity's sake. By putting your clothing in the marked boxes you'll stay organized in the midst of chaos. You'll also be able to stay focused and see progress. An organized closet is like a breath of fresh air.

These simple steps will make you wonder what took you so long:

1. Buy slim hangers in the same color to create uniformity. Turn the hangers in the same direction so you can easily see what you have on hand.

2. Categorize by groups (tops, pants, jackets, dresses etc;). I personally like to go an extra mile and group by color as well. It makes finding stuff easy when you're in a time crunch. This is a good time to let your OCD kick in.

3. Maximize your space by adding vertical hangers, shelves (for shoes and bags) and baskets or cubes for accessories.


 Mission accomplished! Now pat yourself on the back and breeeaatthe!





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