INVEST IN YOUR FASHION! 3 Good Staples To Invest In For Fall

Hello Savvies!

Fall is here and if you're a fashionista on the go like me; you like to be able to grab your go-to items and hit the ground running. There's nothing like having an item or two that you can rely on for style AND function. Savvy Fashionistas need to be chic and confident when out and about so here are 3 things that you won't ever regret having in your stash:

1. TRENCH COAT. A well-made trench coat is classic, lightweight and perfect for any weather. It also can be worn over most outfits and gives just enough style-worthy polish.

2. WIDE LEG PANTS. Wide legged pants are loose, comfy and offer an hour glass shape to your silhouette. They too are chic and timeless. You'll definitely want to make sure your tailoring and fit are on point. The hem should just graze the top of your shoes and be at least 1/2 to 3/4 inch off the floor.

3. CHAIN PURSE. Fall is usually an eventful time of year. A stylish bag with a chain allows you to move around and work the room hands-free. Sling it over your shoulder diagonally for the ultimate affect.

With these essentials, you're always ready to go at a moment's notice!





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