How To Upstage Your White Button-Down

Fashionable clothes can be frilly, detailed and over the top, but one of my favorite fashion must-haves is a PLAIN white button-down shirt. It's a versatile staple to a fashionista who wants to scale up a basic look as opposed to a white t-shirt. This fashion classic elevates basics like jeans and ball skirts and keeps them from drifting into Alice In Wonderland. Be sure to buy more than one or refresh them regularly because over time they can get soiled or start yellowing from being overbleached. Because of this, I like to buy mine vintage and sometimes opt for oversized men's shirts to layer under sweaters or vests. I personally like how the large collar and cuffs make a more dramatic statement when worn under layers. So the next time you're out shopping-don't sleep on that plain white button-down.

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