Go From Basic To Bangin'!

Anyone can buy an outfit from a store, put it on as-is and it might look nice. However, most fashionista's goal is not to just look nice and blend in, but to make a statement and stand out from  others who may have bought the same outfit.
One way to stand out is by adding interesting accessories that elevate your look. Try adding a bold necklace, scarf or belt that says "only me" instead of "me too". Define your own lane by adding the latest trending accessory so when you do run into someone wearing the same outfit, it's not obvious.
If you're on a budget and don't want to spend a lot on clothes,  you can save money on the front end by buying an inexpensive outfit and splurging on your purse, shoes and jewelry. Now here's the savvy part of being a fashionista: Upgrade your look by going all out on the accessories! Now, that does not mean breaking the bank or spending your car note on a bag. You'd be surprised what you can find shopping vintage, consignment or online.
Taking your outfit next level means taking risks. Opt for bold pops of color, purses, shoes and belts with metallic hardware or any interesting statement piece.
Now Savvies, "basic" is no longer in your vocabulary!!

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