Gimme 5! Five Fashion Trends To Get Now

Wondering what direction to take your wardrobe this year? Follow me! One thing for sure is a new year usually brings with it a new attitude. In 2017 bold STRIPES definitely make you feel more confident. Count on this tried and true classic to stay for a while.

And just when you thought dressing up was too much work; 'Casual Elegance' happens to be IN in 2017! So go ahead and sport your joggers, sweatsuits and comfy duds-just dress them up a little (or a lot) whatever suits your mood. The comfy pants are the 'casual' part. Adding the elegance means throwing on a blazer or structured piece, heels and or sneakers.

Now's the time to kick some a**! Ahem; I meant get some mules! Almost every shoe style now comes in a mule. You'll be like a kid in a candy store with all of the choices of block heels, chic crisscross bodies, and the bright bunch of colors available. What an easy way to step out in style.

Strong artistic expression can be found everywhere this year. Let the artist in you explore painter prints!

 Now that we're clear on what's IN for 2017; you now know of at least 5 cool things that will keep you on-trend this year. So on your next shopping spree grab a few bold striped pieces or a fresh pair of harem joggers. Heck, rock a pair of comfy block heel mules while you're at it.

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