Accent Your Curves! Pairing Loose With Tight

Pairing loose with tight allows your statement piece to stand out. It's all about PROPORTION. An outfit can clash if the top and bottom are very detailed and similar in fit. For instance, try not to wear a boxy shaped or flared  jacket with loose wide-legged or flared pants. They may both be two stylish pieces but drown each other out if worn together. It probably won't be the most flattering silhouette either.
 If you have a larger torso and smaller lower half you need to create the illusion of a waist. Opt for button-down blouses with princess seaming that cut in at the waist. Be sure your blouse is large enough to fit your shoulders and your bosom. If the blouse fits loose in the waist, have it taken in or take it to an alterations shop. Now your blouse can be paired with pants, jeans, skirts or whatever you're feeling at that moment.
Remember-it's all about proportion. If you're bottom-heavy like me, and want to create a more slender illusion, look for leggings, jeggings or skinny jeans in darker colors. Pinstripes work wonders too! Don't let me find a pinstriped pencil skirt or pants-that's like 'gold' to me. The slimming effects of pinstriped or dark bottoms is the ultimate slimming illusion! Try pairing a black pencil skirt with a loose cardigan or a loose fitting top  like the picture below and see what I mean.
So, ladies regardless of what you wear, the key is to own your look , be happy with it and be confident. After all, confidence shows more than anything you can put on your body.

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