Looking sexy without looking trashy means truly invoking some mystique and applying the old adage of "leaving a little to the imagination". Keep it classy by choosing whatever body part you want to show off and strategically show that part. If you're baring cleavage, don't show legs. If you're showing legs, stay covered up top. Wearing tight clothes AND showing cleavage may come off like you're trying too hard. After all, sexiness should exude from within and reflect your overall sense of self.

This photo shows a very risque halter top, but the high waist pants, with their long,  loose fit adds class and finesse.

Instead of baring all, you can also show a little of this and a little of that. Our Heiress Studded Dress does just that. It shows a little shoulder and some leg. While showing skin can be daring depending on your comfort level, it's best to show off your BEST assets. 

The picture below shows a curvy woman with great legs, which she proudly shows off while keeping everything else under "wraps" (no pun intended).

With the right amount of swag; even jeans and a t-shirt can be sexy. Try ripped jeans and a deep V-neck t-shirt as seen in the photos below. Truth is, sex appeal can be added to any outfit, and it's not always about 'showing skin', but if you do it in moderation, it draws the fine line between sexy and salacious.

Keep in mind, regardless of what you're wearing; sexiness comes from within and confidence is the sexiest outfit you could ever wear.



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