15 Ways To Tell If You're A Savvy Fashionista

So you love fashion and looking fab like any other chic, but there's something about you that gives you a slight edge in the fashion game. Perhaps, this makes you not just a fashionista, but a SAVVY fashionista. Here's how to tell:
1. They call you A-Rod because when shopping for clothes you not only know when to catch sales, but you know whether it's actually worth the price.
2. People think you're doing extensive research because you have a habit of perusing Vogue and Elle magazines for hours even though your closet is already stock-piled with the latest and greatest trends.
3. You think the best thing about being at an event is people-watching to see what others are wearing.
4. You've been known to try on clothes just for fun.
5. The paparazzi has nothing on you because you'll stop to take a picture of an outfit if you have your camera with you.
6. You wish you were an official fashion police so you could give out "citations".
7. When you meet up with friends you immediately notice their new boots or trendy accessory.
8. You get annoyed when you see potentially stylish outfit go totally left and want to restyle or "fix" it.
9. You watch a TV show you don't like just to see what the cast is wearing. After all, their wardrobe stylist is always on point.
10. You have considered becoming a fashion stylist or have been told you should be one.
11. When on vacation you're known to check out the local boutiques and shops to get a feel of the local styles and trends.
12.  If I walk by a storefront and see a gorgeous dress on a mannequin, I'll immediately go in the store to see it up close and personal.
13. You're always updating your looks with new accessories.
14. There's certain movies you've watched repeatedly because you can't get enough of the clothes worn in them (i.e. Dreamgirls or Mahoghany).
15. There's no shame in your game when it comes to vintage or thrift shopping...Their trash, your treasure!
Is this you? If so, then you are a SAVVY FASHIONISTA!

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